Monday, August 15, 2011

While I Blowdry My Hair -and Other Ways to Squeeze in Reading

Presumably, you read my blog because you have some love for reading, right? But with our 9-5 jobs, just how do we make time to read? Tack on my online graduate classes and cooking and cleaning, making time to read almost seems impossible (or at least as elusive as weight loss, if you ask me).

Nevertheless, reading is something I love and therefore something I *must* do. Of course, I read right before bed, but here are some of the wacky ways I steal a few pages each day.

*while I water the plants
*while I blowdry my hair (the Kindle is best for the first two)
*while I'm sauteeing onions
*while I'm waiting for my work computer to boot up
*during TV commercials
*while I eat at the sushi lunch buffet by myself (and as much as I love sushi, I go there just as much for the chance to read)
*on the toilet (don't laugh, I *know* you do it, too!)
*while I'm folding laundry
*during a DIY mani/pedi
*while I brush my teeth
*while I drive (KIDDING!)

So hopefully I've given you some ideas about when to read. Now it's your turn! What other ways can I get more reading done?

Love and (a book) light,



  1. I have mastered the art of reading whilst exercising on my stepper. If I put some music on for the rhythm it works quite well!

    I read at my desk during lunch hour and whilst cooking. I see people walking and reading but I'd probably get mowed down.

  2. This cracked me up! Thankfully I take the subway to work so that's about 80 minutes of reading, but if I'm really engrossed, I often read on the walk to/from my office. I hadn't thought to do it while brushing my teeth, though!

  3. Like you, I read any place and chance I get. Great post!

    Grace at Feeding My Book Addiction

  4. My commute really helps when it comes to providing me with time to read (that's about all it does). I also read while on the treadmill at the gym (thanks to the Nook app on my iphone). It makes the time fly by and means I concentrate less on dying. ;-)

  5. So true :)
    I used to read while walking to and from the office on my smart phone, but a few weeks ago a dodgy guy on a bike just ripped the phone out of my hand. Can you believe it?!

  6. Oh my, Selina, how horrible! Karma will get him, though.


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