Thursday, August 25, 2011

Throwback Thursday -The Boxcar Children

Yes! I love Thursdays for many reasons, one being that tomorrow is Friday and another being Throwback Thursdays! This is a weekly feature I created here on my blog so I can share my bookish childhood with you.

This weekend, we went to the children's book sale at our local library. I originally went there to shop for my nephew, but we ended up getting stuff for ourselves (to be featured on a future Throwback Thursday). Among the many nostalgia-inducing books, I found a favorite series of mine -The Boxcar Children. The series is about four orphaned children that want to stay together at all costs. They happen on an abandoned boxcar and turn it into their home. They have many adventures together, and the ending is truly a happy one. For all you parents out there, I definitely recommend this to your kids.

I took pictures, but they weren't great because I still get very anxious when I take photos in public because I'm afraid someone's going to yell at me to stop, so I'm not patient and I rush. :/

Did any of you read The Boxcar Children? Do you recognize any other books in the picture?

Love and (a book) light,



  1. Ah yes, it's been forever, but I totally remember the boxcar children...ah nostalgia.... Book Savvy Babe

  2. Loved The Boxcar Children. They were my absolute favorite series besides Nancy Drew. I've probably read almost all of them and am so excited to share them with my future family.

  3. Awww I love finding books from my childhood.

  4. I've never read them but my wife adores them -- riding the orphan train was apparently one of her favorite childhood games!

  5. Aww I loved the Boxcar Children. Just seeing your picture brings back good memories :)

  6. Oh my gosh, I loved this series as a kiddo.


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