Monday, March 28, 2011

What's in a Name? -A Pretty Amazing eReader

It doesn't take a genius to guess where the name for my blog came from. Let me just say that my Kindle is my favorite thing ever. I know some of you out there are loyal to books, but you should also know that it does NOT have to be one or the other! I thought of all people I would be the last to get an eBook Reader; I am not easily swayed by flashy technology. (Just so you know, my phone does not even have the ability to take pictures.)
It's hard to resist everything the Kindle has to offer.

  • It's so light.
    • At 8.7 oz, it's practically nothing to carry around. I also like to read while laying on my side, and with a paperback that's not always the most comfortable thing. With the Kindle, I can use one hand and never have to shift positions.
  • It stores up to 3,500 eBooks.
    • My husband and I like to read at coffee shops and parks. With the Kindle, I don't have to chose between several books to bring. I just grab my Kindle and I have plenty of options. If you somehow manage to max out the memory, you can delete a book from your device, but it will always be in your Amazon account for you to download again (at no extra charge).
  • It uses very little battery power.
    • I have had my Kindle since the end of January, and I can count on one hand how many times I've had to charge it. A typical charge for me lasts from 2-3 weeks. Mind you, I read a lot, too. 
  • It can adjust font style and size.
    • My husband likes to borrow my Kindle sometimes. When he's reading late at night, he doesn't need to wear his glasses; he adjusts the font size to his liking.
  • I find I read faster on the Kindle.
    • I don't really understand this myself, but I know it's happening. I guess it's because I'm not distracted by what's on the next page. 
  • It has free wireless and offers 3G.
    • Every Kindle comes equipped with wireless connectivity. For $50 dollars more, you can have 3G at no monthly cost. With 3G, I can purchase an eBook anywhere I go -not a necessity, but nice to have.

Of course, these are the things that stand out to me the most, but everyone loves the Kindle for different reasons. Like I said, having a Kindle does not mean you have to forsake all your hardcovers and paperbacks. My general rule is that I read fiction on my Kindle and buy paperbacks of science non-fiction. This makes for easier note-taking, though you could insert notes on the Kindle as well. My only criticism is that the user interface is not as intuitive or clean as one would hope. 
There you have it: a review of this blog's namesake. 
{my metallic case that adds almost nothing to the weight and thickness}

{does that not look like a real page?}

{it displays a different screensaver every time you put it to sleep}

Love and (a book) light,



  1. I want one of those. If ever I get the money saved up I am so getting one.

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  2. Completely agree! I love my Kindle, but still buy physical books occasionally. I love your metallic cover. :)


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