Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm the worst kind of reader. I have trouble remembering all the books I've read, and when I can remember reading a particular book I don't necessarily remember what that book was about. I can conjure a vague memory of whether I enjoyed it or not, but unless I read it within the past six months, that's about it.

I should say I was that kind of reader, because this blog is a new beginning

Here, I will try to say something about everything I read from here on, and recap what I have read in the past (though my memories might be vague and scarce). Know that my intention is not to review books. I have no formal background in literature or creative writing, and for me to critique someone's life work is presumptuous to say the least. Instead, I hope to share what I take from these books and maybe add to your "to-read" list. 

What do I read? ANYTHING. Well, I do draw the line somewhere, and that line is probably in close vicinity to books written by celebrities and supernatural teen romance (they actually have that section at Barnes & Noble!), though an occasional exception is possible. That being said, you may find me reading science books, novels, classics, memoirs, and more.


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