Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday Month Giveaways!

UPDATE: Thanks to all of you who entered my giveaway! I promised I would choose and end date soon, and since there have been many entries I will choose a winner this Saturday at 12:00 PM noon, Eastern time. Until then, you still have time to enter!


It has been a while since I had my first giveaway for a signed copy of Finny by Justin Kramon.

I think another giveaway is well overdue, as I have several things to celebrate.

The first is The Kindled Scholar reaching 100 followers. Hooray! 
September is also my birthday month, so I want to celebrate by giving you the opportunity to read some of my favorites. I recently made a trip to the semi-annual library sale and got a bit carried away when I was looking for prizes.

Rather than having one big giveaway, I wanted to spread the wealth a little more and have multiple prizes. I'll be posting these books up over the next several weeks. They are not brand new, but they are in great condition. 

Here's the first book up for grabs!

I absolutely adored this book. See here for my review.

Fill out the form below to enter the giveaway. A winner will be chosen randomly. The only rule is that you must be a follower of The Kindled Scholar on Blogger to enter. And just for fun, please answer the book question on the form. Do keep in mind that the giveaway is for a gently used copy. Good luck!


  1. I didn't sign up for this giveaway because I just read this book a few months ago. I really liked the letter format! Very interesting. Someone will be very happy to win this book.


  2. I read this book and loved it! I know the winner will love it too!

  3. Fun! I love the little submission form. :) Keeping my fingers crossed. I can always use a new book!


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