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I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I am back in school. I’m taking some prerequisites for the teaching credential program. After a 2-year hiatus since getting my Bachelor’s degree, I am so glad to be back in the classroom. I truly feel like I’m in my element. I wanted to share a bit about the classes I’m taking and my experiences so far.

World Literature –This class covers literature from the beginning of time to 1650. So far, we’ve covered religious texts from Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism. This class has lively discussion and the professor is passionate about the subject. Earlier in the semester, there were some religious students that dropped the course because they were offended by the professor and other students who did not share their perspectives. It’s really frustrating to see that kind of close-mindedness, especially in an environment that has so much to offer in the way of learning. I think that if you have strong beliefs, it should take more than a 3-hour class that meets once a week to shake your faith. Anyway, the next unit is on sages, and I have to do a group presentation on Lao Tzu, which I’m very excited about!

Creative Writing –I signed up for this class even before I knew I would be walking away from my corporate job to pursue my teaching credentials. I love learning, and I needed something outside of my routine, unfulfilling job to challenge me. And boy is it challenging. I’ve been a bookworm ever since I could remember, but I have never tried my hand at creative writing. A lot of people have told me I should try writing since I love to read, but I thought the two were completely different —and I was mostly right. While reading has definitely enhanced my writing technique and style, creativity is something else entirely. I need to develop a better sense for what makes a good plot. The first full-length short story is due soon. Depending on the response I get, I may share the story here after a few revisions. I’m really enjoying this class, but it’s probably the most challenging class that I’m taking. I’m learning so much from it, though, and just as reading enhances writing, the reverse is also true. My reading experiences have been enriched by what I’ve learned so far, which is great for the next class I’m telling you about…

The Modern Novel –We have to read 11 books in 16 weeks. I’m keeping up so far; I’m even ahead on the coursework! It’s an online course, so everyone can work at their own pace. So far we’ve read Haroun and the Sea of Stories, The Hours, Einstein’s Dreams, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, and Atonement. I love that on the days when I need a break, I can just curl up on the couch with a novel and I’m still doing coursework.

Introduction to Communications –I don’t know how I managed to get a degree without ever taking a communications class, but I did. This class is a 12-week class that started later in the semester. I didn’t expect to enjoy this class very much since it wasn’t an English class, but surprisingly, I look forward to going to this class most of all. The professor is a sweet lady with a Southern accent. We do a lot of activities in this class, which may be why I enjoy it so much.

Basically, I am a nerd. I love all my classes, and I also love studying for them. And of course, I’m the teacher’s pet. Whether I wanted to be or not, I always have been. I’m so at home in the classroom, and I’ve decided I want to live the rest of my life in one —now as a student and eventually as a teacher.

Even if you’re not in school, I highly recommend taking a class or two once in a while, whether it’s a writing class or a pottery making class. Learning does the soul good. It helps you stay creative and sharp, especially if you do the same tired routine for work everyday.

Here’s a glimpse of the remaining work I still have to do this semester: 3 7-page papers, 2 3-page papers, 2 5-page papers, 2 full-length short stories, 1 piece of flash fiction, 2 speeches, a group presentation, 2 exams, 6 quizzes, and 6 novels (to read), not to mention pop quizzes and reading and critiquing everyone’s stories in the creative writing class. I should probably be getting back to work now.

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  1. This sounds like a dream. I love school. And I'm totally a teacher's pet too :)


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